Friday, 21 May 2010

suns out

sun is out and I'm going to an exam.. yummy. Hopefully doing something after if i don't melt in the exam room. Got nothing really good to post, not sure if my pictures are working properly, tell me if you cant see any!:)
these Aztec prints are going to be a must for me this summer, i might even just rope my teacher into helping me design some because I'm really annoying. enjoy the sun.


  1. Yup, I can see 3 images...and the one in the middle is great...the girl looks great in that dress!

    WTH! I´m watching too many fashion relate thingys lately lol

    Nice blog. New follower ;) Lately I´ve started to pay more attention to fashion...I just like to see how "chic" girls look...I get tired of seing girls in jeans...well I like girls...despite all the "I like fashion" thingy might look (silly preconcept in my opinion)

    Oh well...bed time. Keep posting :)