Monday, 17 May 2010

lets talk wine

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Jumper from the Salvation Army, brothers jeans cut into shorts, Russell&Bromley boots, Chanel watch, Vivienne Westwood necklace and a tiger bracelet

I took a break from revising Spanish today to take some pictures because it was ever so sunny :). I'm debating whether or not i should 'rock' the wine lips. I think they don't suit me as I'm a little on the pale side and my mum looks horrified every time come downstairs but hey.. any reaction is a good reaction. I wish it was warm enough to wear shorts during the day, its just a little on the cold side for bare legs and i was braving it here, i love these boots, i got them for Christmas and iv never had them off, seen a few places advertising them now so they must be pretty cool haha... oh and new look ripped them off, didn't make them in the dark brown colour though ;)

hope your all having a good week and i would love to hear what you think of this ever so slightly unmatching but comfortable attire.

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  1. love this outfit, simple but accessorized really well. the lips add to the outfit too, i like them and think you can pull them off.