Monday, 24 May 2010

rough around the edges


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Topshop jeans, Allsaints vest and top, Dorothy Perkins boots and some gothic jewelry I was given when I was 10 and dressing as a goth for halloween.

I love when you look too hard to be messed around, have that stiff upper front that puts you above the rest, sadly I don't, im a weak old cow. I could still dress like I do. Found these skull bracelets in the back of my shoe box and they are great except they keep catching on everything. Just been reading the Sharon Osbourne book she wrote, its pretty good to be fair and includes a hard, heartless girl with an addictive personality, so I decided I was going to dress harrrrd haha.
Sorry i have not posted for a while I've been too busy enjoying the sun x

Friday, 21 May 2010

suns out

sun is out and I'm going to an exam.. yummy. Hopefully doing something after if i don't melt in the exam room. Got nothing really good to post, not sure if my pictures are working properly, tell me if you cant see any!:)
these Aztec prints are going to be a must for me this summer, i might even just rope my teacher into helping me design some because I'm really annoying. enjoy the sun.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

am i really sad?

I have just got very excited because people other than my family have looked at my blog. yes, yes I'm very sad. Its a sick world when what your focused on is getting noticed on the Internet, but i crave it. However, i keep telling myself, its not a popularity contest, just because you have no friends doesn't make you any less of a person ha, that's what an unpopular girl would say. I LOVE MY LIFE haha.

i recently realised, all of my friends and i take the piss out of ourselves an unhealthy ammount, oh well. I want to rip rip rip things!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

mr floppy



hes new and lovely from h&m, i like hats a lot. I want a jersey skirt, help me please :)
what have you been doing? I've been pretty bored, its my birthday soon! June 1st, i fancy making everyone wear masks then come for a meal with me, thats because im annoying and like to make people feel uncomfortable for my own enjoyment.
spanish exam when shit by the way, worst exam i have ever had. ah well ill live.

Monday, 17 May 2010

homemade sushi

i LOVE sushi. end.

lets talk wine

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Jumper from the Salvation Army, brothers jeans cut into shorts, Russell&Bromley boots, Chanel watch, Vivienne Westwood necklace and a tiger bracelet

I took a break from revising Spanish today to take some pictures because it was ever so sunny :). I'm debating whether or not i should 'rock' the wine lips. I think they don't suit me as I'm a little on the pale side and my mum looks horrified every time come downstairs but hey.. any reaction is a good reaction. I wish it was warm enough to wear shorts during the day, its just a little on the cold side for bare legs and i was braving it here, i love these boots, i got them for Christmas and iv never had them off, seen a few places advertising them now so they must be pretty cool haha... oh and new look ripped them off, didn't make them in the dark brown colour though ;)

hope your all having a good week and i would love to hear what you think of this ever so slightly unmatching but comfortable attire.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

summer is on its way


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zara dress with topshop vest under, newlook headband and shoes

Today has been awkward, everything seems to make me feel inadequate, useless, child-like; and I'm a bit sick of it really. I love looking at blogs and hearing about what people have done, created and achieved but I always find I'm not good enough to ever amount to anything like them...never mind life goes on. I finished my curved oil canvas painting today, I'll post a picture later on, I'll be sure to post something more substantial and less depressing. As Mr Clayton would say, never have regrets and always take a good thing from a bad day! my good thing?... summer is almost here and i can relax alone in a hot climate, yummy.

Monday, 10 May 2010


oh the joy of being in 6th form, the exams started today... Spanish speaking. I'm not going to bore you with the facts who wants to know that? Here is some photographs by Sally Mann that i love to look at for no reason in particular,

Sunday, 9 May 2010


guess who i am, i had to dress up so instead of being some kind of slut in wings i decided on a person who exudes 'cool,' far from my own geeky character.


Versace shirt, urban outfitters skirt,dkny shoes and RayBan's
In winter, I'm all about black and grey, maybe even brown if I'm feeling adventurous. Now, its all about how much colour i can wear without looking like sick. And of course, RayBan's.