Wednesday, 2 June 2010

oh viv

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Now, I’m no pretentious snob when it comes to clothes, I’ll wear anything from Chanel to the Salvation Army but this is the one designer I can not get enough of. Her innovative ways of cutting and design are one I will never ever measure up to. The endless ways to wear her clothes differently every time all originate from her in-depth research into tailoring. I received this timeless HMS ARGO dress by Vivienne Westwood(which will probably feature evidently through my blog) for my birthday only yesterday and what’s better than running round in the sun in your new dress the day after? I personally can’t think of anything. Also wearing Ray ban Wayfarers because I could not see a dam thing and limited addition Chanel nail polish which I adore even though it highlights the fact I lack in tan.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to prepare myself for my next exam, oops. Does anyone else have exams still?